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Kaleidoscope Issue 26

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Issue 26 / Winter 2016

The release of KALEIDOSCOPE’s new issue #26 is blessed with two supercovers featuring iconic artist Vanessa Beecroft and the legendary Robert Longo.

In the opening section of HIGHLIGHTS, twelve profiles account for the best of the season: Andrea Crespo (by Tobi Haslett), Paulo Nimer Pjota (by Germano Dushá), Diane Simpson (by Christopher Schreck), Tetsumi Kudo (by Alexander Shulan), 8-Ball (by Alexandre Stipanovich), Julie Bena (by Daniel Palmer), Kathryn Andrews (by Samantha Gregg), Max Hooper Schneider (by Martha Kirszenbaum), Rochelle Goldberg (by Maxwell Smith-Holmes), Yuri Pattison (by Attilia Fattori Franchini), Lu Yang (by Xin Wang), and Melike Kara (by George Vasey).

This issue is dedicated to the memory of David Bowie, a visual culture groundbreaker and living “superimage,” without whom this magazine wouldn’t exist as it is. We pay him tribute with a collectable poster by artist and designer Scott King, which you can find enclosed to the magazine.

240 pages / 30 × 23 cm / Softcover

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