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Mushpit Issue 8

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Born in 2011 out of some intense girl talk sessions, Mushpit is the brainchild of BFFs Bertie Brandes and Char Roberts. But you should obviously know that already. If you don't, then bye Felicia! Just kidding (sort of). Back in its 8th incarnation, this issue is all about what it means to be a young-ish woman when the whole world wants you to grow up. Single, married, or with child, Bertie and Char have got you covered. Of course there are all the regulars: fake ads, Lies You Tell and a sexy male centrefold, but there's also some new stuff too.

With Ditto Press' Ben Freeman as creative director, Mushpit's back with a brand new, much more polished but definitely still mad, vibe. It's also 3mm wider and has a great story about eggs, just in time for Easter. Yay! Go, tell your friends, pre-order it, and feel safe in the fact that Mushpit Issue 8 will be with you soon. (–via i.D)

96 pages / 30 × 22 cm / softcover

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