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The Travel Almanac #10

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The Travel Almanac explores traveling and the manifold ways it affects identity, through the vision of contemporary cultural luminaries, photographic testimonies of wonder-inspiring regions of the world, and narrative snapshots of places, objects, and the secrets they hold.

Issue 10: Richard Prince

Featuring: actor Michael Shannon; artist Hayden Dunham; Alice Cohen, musician; and poet Kurt Vile.

Richard Prince graces the cover of this celebratory 10th issue and Juergen Teller captures him in his studio with a number of intimate portraits, alongside documenting his latest work in Beirut displayed in contemporary fashion outlets throughout the capital. Teller is also the contributor in the first of a series of art booklets included with Travel Almanac called The Travel Diary. - '“Last Chance To Try” is a peephole look into the curious traditions of Polish wedding ceremonies and birthday celebrations.'

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