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A Partial Index // T.Stevanović & P.Merrington

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A Partial Index documents a two-year project led by Stevanović and Merrington, exploring the processes and ideas of indexing, curating and public engagement within a post-graduate
research environment. Together they worked with a group of research students at Newcastle University to produce a series of events and exhibitions in response to a call by QuILT (Quality in Learning and Teaching) at Newcastle University that would enhance post-graduate research students’ experience.

In order to avoid making a dictionary that would describe only one possible category of subject, A Partial Index offers a space for playful re-imagining, questioning the existing and introducing new terms that have formed the quotidian practice of students in higher education context today.

The publication follows the exhibition A Partial Index developed by the group at BALTIC 39 in summer 2014, part of BALTIC’s FIGURE TWO programme. The exhibition presented the work Acapulco to Byker, an exhibit-as-process, created through the performative act of indexing as a means of exploring social history, architecture and the archive.

Edited by: Peter Merrington & Tijana Stevanović. Kindly supported by Newcastle University Post-Graduate Innovation Fund, BALTIC 39, the school of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University and Newbridge Books.

ISBN 978-1-908452-63-4

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