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Image of See Red Women's Workshop // Feminist Posters 1974-1990

See Red Women's Workshop // Feminist Posters 1974-1990

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See Red Women’s Workshop was founded by three ex-art students in1973. We met through an ad placed in Red Rag — a radical feminist magazine — asking for women interested in forming a group to look at and combat the negative images of women in advertising and the media. See Red grew out of that meeting and a collective was formed producing silk screened posters for the women’s liberation movement as well as for community groups and others on request.

Working collectively was central to the ethos of See Red, as was sharing skills and knowledge. Members belonged to women’s consciousness raising groups and were active in various radical and alternative organisations. In the early days the posters were mainly produced about our own personal experiences as women, about the oppression of housework, childcare and the negative images of women. We also produced posters for community and other groups, calendars, postcards and illustrations. For all our work an idea would be discussed, a member would work on a design, bring it back for comment, someone else might make changes and so on until the collective were satisfied with the end result; no one individual took the credit. This was a concept many in the art world found hard to accept. Quality was important and many hours would be spent on ensuring that only posters that were well printed and produced left the workshop.

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